Virtuoso (Quest) (APP LAB)

Virtuoso is the new way to make music in VR!

Rather than trying to imitate the music making experience you’re used to, Virtuoso has six unique instruments with countless sounds that are designed to work in VR. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a complete beginner, all you really need is a drive to create. Tools such as the tempo sync and scale presets help you to stay on beat and in key, so you can focus on making music.

Key features:
- Six instruments made to work in VR, including the three-dimensional Oorgan and the Wavemin
- Responsive drum pads that can be resized and placed however you like to create your own kit
- Awesome synth sounds and effects that you can tweak intuitively with your controllers while playing
- Virtual microphone allows you to sing, beat-box or rap to your music.
- Live loop-station that makes creating loops quick and easy for building your track as you go.
- Connect to any music program using MIDI over network with a lightweight companion app.


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