Car Parking Simulator (Quest)

Car Parking Simulator is a fully interactive, realistic and immersive car parking experience. Introducing one of the most advanced and dynamic car physics in VR.

Giving players more wings of freedom by introducing a Free Roam mode in a town with a realistic traffic system, bustling with various fun activities and challenges to compete in, or just drive around and chill with any of your unlocked vehicles.

- All cars have realistic controls and interactive interiors with customizable right or left steering orientations.- Three main vehicle challenges, ranging from Sedan, SUV and Hatchback.
- Formula One (F1) vehicle available as a bonus car for fun!
- Different exhilarating environments in different parts of the day and night cycles.
- Total 65 levels, giving you ratings based on your driving and challenge completion skills.
- A free roam mode for players to explore using any of the unlocked vehicles or to try its own activities and challenges.


Sloppy Studios


Sloppy Studios



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