RoomFacing (PC)

This is a simple two-player VR game vs.
Because I liked sword fighting so much, I tried to make one myself
Get some exercise with your friendsThe game adopts the mechanism of winning 30 games first.
Enter the game and wait for other players to enter
There are four swords in total. You can discuss with the person who comes in whether to play with one sword or two
After picking up the sword, go to the empty place in the real room
Hit yourself on the head with your sword and you will enter the ring
A camera that attacks an opponent
You can use your head to avoid your opponent's sword, or you can use your sword blockThere will be a cooling time when swords collide with each other. Fast swords cool for 0.5 seconds and slow ones cool for 1 second
You should pay attention to the Angle when you grasp the sword, because the Angle cannot be changed after you grasp the sword
Once defeated, go back to the empty space in the real room and knock yourself into the ring
Oc and Index press A to exhale the menu, while Vive presses menu.If you are interested, and want to play with the game between 8pm and 9pm local time so that you can match up with opponents with low network latency and same language.







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Marzo 11, 2021

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