OceanCraft (PC)

OceanCraft is a Virtual Reality game about surviving on a self build vehicle on the ocean.

Survive the dangers of the ocean - alone - or with your friends.

!!! Early-Access Release !!!

Currently you have about one hour of gameplay
Before adding further content we want to make sure - you all enjoy the core game mechanics - crafting - surviving and multiplayering.

There is already a lot to do inside oceancraft
- survive alone or with your friends (cross platform multiplayer)
- collect trash from the ocean
- build your own base
- pallets, walls, tables, chests, etc
- grow and harvest plants
- fish fish with your fishing rod
- grill vegetables or fishes
- crafting
- save games
- public and private games
- voice chat
- food cutting
- hunger, thirst, health
- Balloon drops
- Slingshot





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Marzo 11, 2021

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