Felt Tip Circus (PC)

The lights are bright. The tension, real. The audience, demanding, even if they are made of wood. Now it’s your turn to compete in the greatest contest of skill ever to grace the miniature world of toys, trinkets and plain old junk!

Throw knives; launch acrobats; walk tight-ropes; tame lions; hone your skills solo or compete with up to four friends in a race to win the crowd.

A standing VR experience designed for the HTC Vive
4 unique events in which to destroy your friends
The ultimate party game experience; compete with up to 4 players in local multiplayer using only 1 headset
Be the best to win, or simply the most entertaining!
(Please note that this is a VR-only game and cannot be played without an HTC Vive)


Acción Casual indie


AAD Productions


Alpha Wave Entertainment