Conductor: Creative Joy Engine (PC)

Conductor encourages you to craft, save, and share funky environments with its vibrantly creative tool-set!

Conductor also supports importing any image or video and shaping it according to your will with Conductor’s Advanced Mode!WellnessConductor offers a powerful platform to build your ideal meditative experience inside of.

Take advantage of its easy-to-use toolset in VR to create your ideal meditative atmosphere!MusicImport your favorite songs and watch how Conductor shapes your experience to the music.

Assign audio reactivity to any active Conductor element!TheatreEnjoy your favorite movies, shows, music videos or any of your video content inside of Conductor’s immersive environment.

Set elements to react to your video’s audio for a wild experience!Desktop + Virtual RealityIn addition to supporting standalone Desktop, Conductor supports most VR headsets through SteamVR!

Immerse yourself in a sensory cocoon of your own design!Social ConnectionConductor supports watching YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and more, in sync with your friends in multiplayer!

Create a room to Conduct n’ Chill with your friends, or meet new ones in the Public Hang!

Import the same files to listen to music and watch videos in sync with your friends in multiplayer!


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