Pandemic by Prisms (PC)

Learn By Solving Real-World Problems
Have you ever wondered how scientists developed strategies to limit the impact of the 2020 pandemic on human lives and health systems?

Pandemic by Prisms is an immersive algebra learning game that builds lasting fluency with exponential functions and allows you to apply algebraic thinking to one of the most important problems today - the global pandemic. While it does not deal with the science behind pandemics, it is designed to equip you with foundational algebra skills to understand how to make informed decisions about a critical public health issue.Collaborate With Us!
We’re launching our beta module to collaborate with users (like you!) to gather feedback so that we can continue to iterate and make this module fun, engaging, and meaningful for all users!

Please leave us a review, provide feedback, or ask us any questions on our Discord. We will be refining and finalizing our module based on reviews and user feedback from this beta launch - we can’t wait to hear from you! We will be releasing an update to this application later in 2021.A Mathematical Approach from the Comfort of Your Room

Experience how a virus spreads through everyday activities and join a task force!

Explore virus containment strategies hands-on (literally!) and discover how math modeling can inform public policies

Feel, touch, & move to develop mathematical intuition and discover the underlying structure of exponentials

Get fluent with graphing and equations and determine when a virus overwhelms our city’s hospitals and save the city!

This module was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.Math Is Not Boring Anymore
Prisms’ built-in math tools enable players to experiment, iterate, and gain fluency faster. Whether you use exponential functions every day or don’t remember what the word means, Prisms guarantees fun and intuitive learning for:

High school students, to easily understand core math concepts
Middle school students eager to learn advanced topics in math
Parents, to refresh their algebra skills
Teachers, to stay sharp and informed on new pedagogical approaches
VR enthusiasts interested in educational applications Stellar Team For Stellar Results
Prisms is an educational company based in New York. We are an award-winning team of educators, designers, curriculum developers who are passionate about education. Backed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and partnered with diverse schools across NY, MA, and CA, our mission is to create a new paradigm for STEM learning.


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