Hop Step Sing! kiss×kiss×kiss (PC)

Another VIP pass to a show by Japan's newest idol group, Hop Step Sing!, is yours for the taking! Niina, Mikasa and Shikiri are back after their debut song, "Kisekiteki Shining! ("Miraculous Shining!")" with a second single: "kiss×kiss×kiss"! Join the girls and take in the sights of a magical castle as they sing and dance to a melodius love song.
Note: This content is not a game.

About Hop Step Sing!
"I want to sing forever! I'll become an idol!"
Niina Nijikawa, whose practice at Karaoke paid off and she actually became a real idol.
Mikasa Minowa, whose need for adulation means she's continually uploading videos and hosting live streams.
Shikiri Shishiba, who decides the pair needs someone to look after them.
These three young girls form Hop Step Sing! and this is their first single, now available in VR!

Vocals: Niina Nijikawa, Mikasa Minowa, Shikiri Shiishiba
Character/Set design: tanu
Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: Yashikin (F.M.F)
Music Production: Lantis
Video Production: Polygon Pictures

Niina Nijikawa: Maria Sashide
Shikiri Shiishiba: Mariko Toribe
Mikasa Minowa: Natsumi Hioka

Behind the Scenes
Kodansha have gathered some of the best creative talents in anime, CG and music for Hop Step Sing!'s first foray into the world of J-Pop.
Character and set designer, tanu, is an up-and-coming illustrator with several anime and manga to his credit (Tari Tari and Flip Flappers, etc), with Polygon Pictures (Emmy Award winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars) faithfully recreating his designs in 3D. The musical side is handled by the prolific Yashikin (Is the Order a Rabbit?, High School Fleet amongst others) with production by Lantis (Love Live! series) and the vocal talents of Sashide Maria, Toribe Mariko and Hioka Natsumi.

【VR Live】
《Hop Sama 2020》 is coming back on 27 Feb(Sat) at 7pm(PST), but this time in English Version!

With Hop Step Sing!’s brand-new costumes, they are going to sing with their full power from their debut song “Kisekiteki Shining!” to the latest song “Astral Piece” in the borderless VR space.

The live performance will be held in VR. Audience who have a VR headset can enter the venue with their avatar and enjoy the concert while moving freely with the 360 degree view. For those who don't have a headset can also watch the live performance on gaming PC or Twitch, a live streaming platform for gamers. Their VR Live will definitely give you an exciting and surprising night with the special guests: Maria Sashide(CV of Niina Nichikawa), Mariko Toribe(CV of Shikiri Shiiba) and Natsumi Hioka(CV of Mikasa Minowa), who will meet you all at the end of the show.

Visit VR Live Site:

Official Site: www.hopstepsing.com
Production: https://www.kodanshavrlab.com/





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