BeachHead 2020 (PC)

BH2020(VR) is not just a game, but an experience unlike anything else before. BH2020VR is the first-ever entertainment product that integrates gaming and a virtual reality world with its own economy where everyone can participate and prosper. BH is an alternative reality world parallel to our own. It is a truly immersive multi-reality VR experience combining commerce, entertainment, and gaming in one giant evolutionary step. Emerging from the much-loved BeachHead video game series. 20 years ago, BEACH HEAD 2000 changed the gaming paradigm by bringing a new gaming experience to life. 20 years later, the original game creators are ready to do it again.

Welcome to BeachHead, a new dimension in gaming and opportunity where everyone is equal, and everyone is welcome. Live in the game world, play to earn, and fight to survive.

The original BeachHead 2000 game environment was an anonymous beach in an unnamed country. The country was free of identities and labels -- just like the relentless enemy that tormented the grounds. The land had no anthem, no values, and no moral compass pointing north. Though its inhabitants did not know what they loved -- they knew exactly who they hated, and millions were entranced by the game. They defended that little stretch of sand as if their lives depended on it. The gameplay was satisfying and rewarded the player with immediate gratification, but there was no purpose, no mission, no incentive to immerse further into the alternative reality. That is no longer the case.

BeachHead 2020 is the beginning of a new world and an alternative reality in parallel to our own. An expansive world with its own economy where everyone is equal (start from the same place) and everyone is welcome.

BH2020 (VR and Desktop) is an all-out, all-inclusive, cross-platform, and fully immersive Virtual Reality game experience that transcends national borders, traditional genres, mediums, and platforms. An alternative world that's culturally diverse, age-independent, and gender-neutral and where everyone is welcome to join the fight.

BH2000 was a first-person shooter (FPS) “turret” game, where the player is in a fixed position and is tasked with neutralizing ever-increasing hostile forces as they storm the (beach) player. That is where BH2020 starts as well, but it is only the opening scenario that expands to an ever-broadening VR environment with unlimited possibilities, and evolving gameplay forms.

“It’s interesting that even though we’ve been planning, designing, building, and implementing all the bits and pieces of the new BH2020 VR game experience, I was completely blown away when it all came together and put on the VR headset and played the game for the first time. I had my expectations, but it’s not just that it looks and feels great, but that when it’s all working together it becomes something of its own and something that I’ve never experienced before.” – Pepe Moreno

They say that humanity (as a species) is at the crossroads of history in its evolutionary saga. One road leads forward and to an enlightened state, the other backward and into the darkness of a totalitarian state. The fight was clear, and the dividing lines were drawn. It was an existential threat, and the battle was to the death. We beat them back in the 2000 wars, but everyone knew that they would be back in force and finish us once and for all. We learned our lessons well, and we built ourselves a fortress to protect our city and our way of life. Ignorance is on the rise again, and if we don't stand guard, the darkness will come again; they will not stop, but neither will we. We will continue fighting together to the bitter end.

It’s a bright, sunny morning in the city by the sea. Surfers are beginning to stream from the armored gates in the massive city walls, carrying their longboards across the sparkling sand and catching the morning breakers before they begin to gently relax at the shore. Families are unpacking picnic baskets beside the half-buried pillboxes and camouflaged gun emplacements. Young lovers stroll hand-in-hand between the tank traps. Vendors with beverage coolers and hot dog grills are already in place. Gulls wheel above it all, crying and waiting for a quick free meal before the storm.

I was just three years of age twenty years ago today when that pig took the life of my father with his bare hands and robbed me of all the precious moments I could have experienced with my dad. I'm not here to cry and feel sorry for myself; I'm here to fight them off and to get my sweet revenge. My father founded this city and gave us a refuge for our minds and souls from the ravages of violent ignorance. He gave us peace (freedom) and taught us how to defend ourselves

The year is 2020, and what remains of a free society has built massive, walled cities called Fortresses to defend themselves from Musso-Kahn, an evil despot bent on world domination. In a relentless onslaught, Musso-Kahn pours the seemingly endless resources of his army, navy, and air force against the last remaining Fortresses. It will require the collaboration of all the Free People within to withstand the assault and rebuild a better world that rejects despotic rulers and the centralizing forces that are menacing and oppressing our world. Join the fight for equality, liberty, and prosperity.

There are no moral imperatives and the premise is simple; there are those who respect nothing and only seek conquest and destruction –The Aggressors- and those of us who are forced to fight back to defend our lives, our freedoms, and all that we still hold dear in our way of life –The Defenders.

Twenty long years ago, game developer DIGITAL FUSION INC and Global VR revolutionized arcade gaming with BEACHHEAD 2000 VR, a first-ever generation VR game and one of the most popular and addictive arcade titles ever created. Before that, BEACHHEAD shook up the PC world gaming establishment by being one of the first to introduce the concept of quick easy to play, arcade-style games into the early computer market, becoming one of the most internationally recognizable titles of all times.

BeachHead is a legendary game with the most incredible saga of addictive gameplay and international success. (for more than 30 years). From the beginning of gaming back in 1982 and the Commodore 64 to the present day, BeachHead has been an immensely successful game brand with millions of fans worldwide and tens of thousands of play in consoles, desktop computers, and in the arcades.

We are not new to the notion of VR gaming. In fact, the BeachHead VORTEK Hood in the original arcade version was the first of its kind in the VR gaming world. In 2000 VR gaming was very new and almost nonexistent. Foreseeing that VR gaming would become popular, combined with the easy-to-play arcade-style design, led to huge successes for BeachHead around the world. BeachHead became the number one top-earning game in the U.S. and many other countries around the world.

The Beachhead 2020 world would not be complete without the clean, simple, heart-pounding action that made the Beach- Head game series so famous and beloved by millions worldwide. Players can head to the city wall and man stationery or train turrets to defend the city from the relentless assault by Musso-Kahn and his army of death. Beachhead is a city under siege but its citizens work side-by-side to defend the utopian world they have created. Whether manning an antiaircraft flak gun or running a mission into no man’s land the defenders of the city are the heroes that keep it safe and protected.

Beachhead 2020 will allow you to earn credits, by protecting the city, or by supplying defense weapons and much-needed resources to the Beachhead Defense Force (BDF). Like in the real world, heroes are rewarded, hard work is compensated, and everyone is welcome.

The measure of a great city is the quality of its entertainment. You fight to protect the city and so that you and others can enjoy life in the city. The first segment of the city (punk city) is scheduled to open in Q3 2020 with One-of-a-kind shows, art museum exhibitions, opera concerts, tattoo parlors, casual games, and relaxing places to hang out with friends. Until then, you have some fighting to do to make sure that it will be safe to open.


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