VR Black Hole Travel Hypothesis (PC)

Is time travel possible? Renowned physicist CONFIRMS black holes could be 'time machines'
TIME travel and inter-dimensional jumps could be a reality one day, according to renowned physicist Michio Kaku, who thinks black hole “time machines” are the key.

Time travel into the distant past and future might no longer be the dream of science-fiction writers if humans learn to harness the power of black holes.
Some astrophysicists have long speculated black hole wormholes might serve as a bridge between two points in time.
Others have claimed jumping into such a wormhole will open the door to other dimensions in the so-called multiverse.
Dr Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at the City College of New York, has now revealed black holes might one day serve as portals through time and space.

Dr Kaku said: “There’s actually a possibility that on the other side of a black hole there’s perhaps another universe.

“Now we should point out no one’s ever done this – no one’s ever shot a rocket into a black hole – what falls in never comes out, so we’ll never know what’s on the other side of a black hole.

“But if you just do the math, if you just take Einstein’s equations and follow a rock through a black hole, it lands on a parallel universe. So it’s a gateway, a portal to the other side of a black hole.

Now, through this game, let's have a try.

In the game, you can enter the designated black hole by controlling the spacecraft. There is a wormhole in the black hole, which can teleport you to any place in the parallel universe. You can visit various scenes at will, and you can return to the spacecraft to travel again at any time




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