Alien Abduction Experience (PC)

The experience of alien kidnapping is a deep immersion VR drama. The play is made by the star ring network, leading users to explore the mysterious but real and magical world behind aliens.

Is aliens really there? Where did they come from? Why do they come to the earth? Are they good or malicious? What is the purpose of their kidnapping of human beings? In the 1960s, when flying saucers are often in the world, you will play a young girl living on the farm in the west of the United States. From her perspective, you will experience the whole process of abduction by aliens in that era, and enjoy the unknown wonders such as flying saucers coming, beam absorbing, alien experiments, alien technology, and space navigation.Wonderful visual feast:Along with lightning, the thrill of alien presence
The sacred and oppressive feeling of flying saucer
Looking down on the earth when the body is in the air
The magnificent achievements of extraterrestrial science and technologyThrilling adventure:Captured by an alien UFO
Dream, fantastic flight experience
Participating in the process of extraterrestrial experiment as an experimenter
Fantastic space voyageExcellent picture quality:Internal structure of lunar Battlestar
The amazing expressive power of VR
Legendary story background and artistic scene setting
Deep immersion experience


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