Breath of the Forest (PC)

Breath of the Forest is an action / exploration game based on the indigenous stories of Brazil and South America.

In Breath of the Forest, you are Kaiak, an Indian from a tribe who received an entity called "Curupira" from Mother Nature to be able to stop a great evil that plagues animals, humans and forests.

Immerse yourself in Brazilian and indigenous stories!

It will be up to you to restore the balance of nature by collecting the artifacts of the elements in order to face this evil.
Several epic struggles against ancient beings from the Brazilian forest.
Cartoon-style graphics.
Comfortable gameplay, Breath of the Forest was developed with great care to provide the player with maximum comfort when playing with virtual reality glasses.
Epic scenarios Breath of the Forest brings to life a virtual world with burning forests, mysterious rivers and waterfalls, treetop battles, underground travel and more.
Choose from 5 types of elemental arrows that can make a difference when facing certain types of enemies, in addition to having other weapons available in the scenarios and you can still make many friends who will help you on your journey.
An incredible soundtrack, composed specifically for each moment of the game.


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Fz Labs


Fz Labs



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Febrero 1, 2021

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