Earth Warrior (PC)

**PROCEEDS**All profits of the game will be given to Friends of Animals. the GameEarth Warrior is an experience from blasting pollution to exploring beautiful terrains. Challenge yourself to high scores, and widen your mind with facts that will leave you in awe. From the melting tundra to the depths of the ocean, you will have the freedom to approach the world as you wish.A Vast Open WorldExplore three terrains filled with sharks, polar bears, deer, and more. Go toss flammable objects in the forest to see how wildfires start or swim with orcas and learn how our world will become if we continue to spill our waste. Experience the icy tundra as you waddle with penguins or shudder with polar bears towering above you.GameplayEach terrain has a gameplay mode associated, where your role is blast the pollution before it pollutes the environment. Your choice. Tundra. Wildfire. Ocean. Each with a different difficulty and the ability to switch blasters.


Aventura indie


Sanaa Fidahussain



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Enero 29, 2021

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