Warriors Of Titus - F2P (PC)

Each match is played between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate base on the map.
Either team wins by being the first to destroy the opposing team's base.
Each player will control a powerful Warrior. The game features a growing roster of Warriors, each with their own ability set,
weapons and upgrades. Players gain experience from destroying enemy Warriors, their defense towers and enemy minions that roam the lanes.
This experience can be used to level up your powerful abilities in the order you choose. As the flow of each match will help you adapt your
Warrior each level to help stay ahead of the fight.Difference between F2P and full version9 Champions available, Full version has 14 Champions (with many more in the works!)
In-game achievements NOT AVAILABLE in the F2P versionGame features10 Champions (Full version has 14 Champions (with many more in the works!))
Online Leaderboards
Cross-play between all PCVR Steam HMD's, Quest 1/2 and non VR
Ingame voice chat
Public and Private lobbies
AI bots (to fill out empty slots or to play single player) with multiple difficulties
Multiple locomotion styles
UI customizations
Snap turn and smooth turn
Customize weapon orientation to your liking
Adjustable Graphic settings
Adjustable Audio settings
Playable on non VR systems


Martin Kutlak


Martin Kutlak



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Enero 22, 2021

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