Monster Collector (PC)

Physics based combat + all kinds of unique monsters (and of course dragons).
Unique Monsters
Each monster is totally unique. Different look. Different body structure. Different attack. Different experience.

Physics System
The physics in Monster Collector is very realistic. You can pull monster around (if they are not too big). You can punch monster away and they will get balance again from ground. You can grab monster and jump with them.
Slice System
You can use sword to slice monster apart from almost every body part. Slice legs ? yes you can . Slice head? yes you can. Slice body ? yest you can. Slice tail ? Yes you can.

Stab Slash system
Try to stab your monster on the wall. or just stab its sliced body part on the wall. Or even stab 3 monster all together. Use your imagination.

Tear system
Slice is cool. But how about tear monster apart with your bare hands? For some monster you can even tear them apart from their long nose.(Elephant? maybe)

Combine all these system with all the unique monsters together. The gameplays are endless. You can kill monsters in million ways. Just use your bloody imagination.
(More monsters are planed to add into the game)


go go go studio


go go go studio



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