Battlescar (Quest)

It's 1978, New York City, running through a gritty subway station in NYC when WHOOSH! – a graffiti-splattered subway train nearly takes you out.

Welcome to Battlescar - a three-part VR series that invites you to dive into the grungy punk world of two teenage runaways: Lupe, a Puerto-Rican American 16-year-old, and Debbie, a badass with a mysterious past. Lupe needs a home, Debbie wants someone who “gets her,” and together they will form a punk band and take on the city.

What does it mean to be punk?
Created by Martín Allais and Nico Casavecchia, written by Nico Casavecchia, produced by Atlas V in co-production with Arte, Albyon, 1STAveMachine, in association with Kaleidoscope, sound Design & original music by Antfood.


ARTE France


Atlas V



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Battlescar (PC)