(m)ORPH (PC)

(m)ORPH is an abstract, musical VR experience created by audio technologist Kasson Crooker. (m)ORPH is not a game, but let’s players interact with audio in real-time to create a dynamically evolving music environment. Sound is literally all around you, yielding an immersive 360 degree spatial audio mix that you get to control and customize. (m)ORPH features 9 ambient, experimental songs from innovative artists like Symbion Project, Kodomo, Micah Frank, George Hurd, Yumi Iwaki, dvdv, Matthew Mercer, Dispak, and Black House Triangle. Perfect for meditation or to escape the stresses of the world, the placid music and chill artistry will transport you to a new state of mind. Experience a whole new way of listening!


Kasson Crooker



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(m)ORPH (Quest) (APP LAB)

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Enero 7, 2021

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