Zoo World VR (PC)

When you step into our groundbreaking platform you’ll be able to walk around real-world locations or just relax in a natural setting after a hard day. We’re ready to welcome all sorts of visitors, and everyone gets the chance to learn about new animals and exciting new habitats in a ways that you’ve never seen before.

The mission of ZOO WORLD VR is to give our audience the ability to experience the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of the animals living in each habitat. We believe that when visitors to ZOO WORLD VR are done, they’ll have experienced a version of travel that will help them relate to their environment and consider adopting a greener world-view.
For a variety of reasons, many people just aren’t able to travel. With ZOO WORLD VR, we enable our visitors to experience biomes across the globe that would normally be off-limits to them. We also want to offer animal encounters that are more natural and friendly than you might experience in a traditional zoo.

ZOO WORLD VR represents more than just a group of interactive locations. We hope to create a strong, reliable, and friendly community of like-minded individuals that can communicate and collaborate on VR-related topics. With user-generated ideas and feedback, Intentio Games Studios will be able to improve our existing products and develop new and even more exciting VR experiences.We are open for sponsorship and investors.


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