AVROD is the Archaeological Virtual Reality Online Database. We are a pioneering VR platform dedicated to digitizing and sharing the world's archaeological and cultural heritage sites for study and exploration. Our mission is to enhance the way people learn about history and archaeology through fully immersive virtual reality technologies. The AVROD Beta platform will be FREE to download for the HTC Vive through app stores. The AVROD Beta showcases 40 real-world, photorealistic locations for users to explore face-to-face from our growing site list! Users can share their ideas and experiences with AVROD Community members by creating on-site AVROD posts. Get out and virtually experience the world cultural heritage sites and archaeological locations that you have always dreamed of seeing through AVROD!

Choose from any of these AVROD locations to explore:

1. Apollo 11 — United States
2. Apollo Fountain, Versailles — France
3. Arc de Triomphe — France
4. Big Head (Olmec Colossal Statue) — Mexico
5. Bridge House — England
6. Castlerigg Stone Circle — England
7. Cave of Hands — Argenitina
8. Cela - Ruins of a Nun’s Cell — Portugal
9. Chapel of Our Lady on the Bridge — England
10. Cluny Museum Chapel — France
11. Flora Fountain, Versailles — France
12. Fountain of the Observatory — France
13. Korean Gate, Acclimatization Garden — France
14. Little Lightnings Panel — Australia
15. Maya Relief (K’inich Ahkal) — Mexico
16. Minewatcher’s Post Woolwich — England
17. Monk Bretton Priory, Gatehouse — England
18. Obelisk — Egypt
19. The Oval Office — United States
20. Palatki Grotto Panels — United States
21. Palenque Ruin Maya Relief — Mexico
22. Reproduction of the Cave of Horses (7000-4500 Years Old) — Spain
23. Robert Gaskin Wreck — Canada
24. Room at Skara Brae — Scotland
25. Stompie Tank — England
26. T391-T392-T397-T398 — Italy
27. Teotihuacan Mexico — Mexico
28. The Armory — Sweden
29. The Charterhouse Great Chamber — England
30. The Charterhouse Norfolk Cloister — England
31. The Great Drawing Room — Sweden
32. The Parade Armor and Shield of King Erik XIV — Sweden
33. The Upper Vestibule — Sweden
34. Tholos of Delphi — Greece
35. Torii Gate at Kinosaki — Japan
36. Ushakothi Panel — India
37. Xunantunich East Frieze — Belize
38. Yaxchilan Lintel 14 — Mexico
39. Zaraa Uul — Mongolia
40. Zoomorph & Altar P — Guatemala


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