Crypts Of The Golem King (Android)

The Necromages of Ozmot are recruiting the dark forces of evil to find ancient and powerful artifacts scattered throughout the kingdom of Dorin.

Discover magic items and weapons and go on quests obtaining new abilities, all the while trying to uncover the sinister plot of the Necromagesof Ozmot and their pursuit to exhume the long vanquished Red Dragons.

Will you brave the dark horrors of the crypt, solve it's riddles and recover the weapons and magics before the minions Of Ozmot discover them?

Playtime: 2-3 Hours

The Crypts Of The Golem King is an EXTREME VR experience. Featuring fast paced free roaming 1st person movements, hard hitting melee combat, jump scares, 3D heights and claustrophobic environments.
It is intended for advanced VR users.


Hues GfX


Hues Graphics