Tales Of Glory 2 - Retaliation (PC)

Follow the adventure of Andrew Carter, a former SAS operative and his International Task Force squad as they fight against a global terrorist organization called Quantum in Tales Of Glory 2 - Retaliation, a VR tactical shooter adventure mixing huge immersive battles against hundreds of NPCs and infiltration missions.Lead your troops to victory in huge battles all over the worldFight against hundreds of NPCs to capture the different battlefield zones, unlocking bonuses like delaying enemy reinforcements, Air support or Artillery Strike
Give proximity orders to your squad but also give tactical goals to the ITF soldiers fighting along you and your squad.
But be aware that getting rid of Quantum forces won't be an easy task as enemies units will use cover, tactics, and make the best use of their weapons (Assault rifles, Snipers, RPG, Shotguns, Grenades, etc).Stay in the shadowBe sure to stay undetected as you break throught enemy lines in commando solo missions
To do so, make the best possible use of natural cover, climbing abilities and shadows to achieve missions objectives
And in case you'll need to kill someone... don't leave any trace or patrols will be alerted


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