Panic Room (PC)

Go head-to-head with a partner in this spine-chilling two-player escape room.

It’s the middle of a cold winter’s night, and you stumble across a dark, mysterious cabin deep into the woods. As you enter the front door, it locks behind you. You realise you’ve made a mistake; this isn’t a normal house - there’s somebody watching you. Be prepared for the unexpected, as you search for the keys to get out.

Your fate is in the hands of your partner, who will be watching your VR experience from their mobile device. Your partner will deploy pulse-racing tactics to slow you down and stop you from escaping.

Will you be able to navigate a brave escape from the ill-lit cabin, or will your partner get the better of you? There’s some eerie surprises in store either way.


Kuato Studios


Kuato Studios



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Diciembre 17, 2020

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