Hikeshi-Fireman- (PC)

"I can't believe Yukinojo, who was deemed to be worthy of the best group of firefighters, would just disappear so unceremoniously! "
Firefighters occupied a glamorous job during the Edo period and were considered superheroes at the time. However, Yukinojo, who was admired and greatly trusted by the citizens, fell off a roof and lost his life. Then, Yukinojo strangely and absentmindedly looks down on himself lying down from above the ground. While looking down in amazement on his friends who sadly surround his still body, Yukinojo states, "It seems like I was a person who was rather loved by others," as if he was speaking about somebody else. He remembers that he was a firefighter, but has no idea why he is wandering here as a ghost. At this moment, the town girl Oryo exclaims in surprise at the sight of him as a ghost. She is the former lover of Yukinojo. They had shared their feelings for each other, but ended up in this situation after fighting and splitting up because of stubbornness. Surprised, Oryo asks, "Do you have any regrets? " Yukinojo explains that he is absolutely troubled by the fact that he has no memories other than people's faces and names. Although her facial expression shows confusion, Oryo somewhat understands and becomes sure that there is something in Yukinojo's house that he cannot leave, which will cause him regret that will prevent him from leaving this realm. Oryo mentions that she will take care of it out of respect for their old acquaintance. Seeing no alternative, Yukinojo reluctantly accepts this proposition and asks Oryo, who is the only person who could see him and speak to him, to take care of the thing he cannot leave. In this way, Yukinojo and Oryo head out to the town of Edo together. Under these strange circumstances, Yukinojo gradually remembers something while they exchange old, nostalgic stories. And the sorrowfully warm, unexpected conclusion that Yukinojo and Oryo reach is --

The ultimate immersive animation experience that combines VR, animation, and an Edo-style short story. This immersion into a worldview that makes you feel like you entered the Edo period and are seeing and listening to the story yourself is a sensation akin to playing the lead role in the story. The story, which is fully voiced, of the firefighter Yukinojo and his former lover Oryo will invite all of you into a distant world during the Edo period.

The newly introduced Touch Advance System allows you to enjoy a more interactive experience. Each player controls the progress of the dialogue by touching the characters that appear in the VR space.


Casual indie


Studio Seven


Studio Seven



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