Dwelling in the Enfolding (Android)

'Dwelling in the Enfolding’ is an interactive, 360° VR art experience by Matthew Burtner and Mona Kasra. The piece immerses participants within interconnecting glacial landscapes that were never inhabited yet inhabit imaginations. Within seemingly stationary but perpetually evolving landscapes, participants navigate a map of the terrain to bridge across disparate environments that belong to this unified whole.

Whether on top of a vast ice field or deep in a mysterious ice cave, each encounter leads to distinct audiovisual experiences as participants’ gaze shapes and initiates unique sound events in the 3D space.

While offering new ways to perceive the enfolding landscapes, this immersive encounter does not impose any singular experience or a particular way of navigating the environment. Instead, it models the ephemeral and sublime experience of being alone in nature, surrounded by landscapes not created for us or us.

© Matthew Burtner & Mona Kasra, 2020, all rights reserved.


Mona Kasra