Beach Relaxation VR (PC)

Immerse yourself in your own private virtual tropical island from the comfort of home in Beach Relaxation VR.

Listen to the soothing waves from your beach chair as you watch the seagulls play near the water. Lie in a hammock as the palm trees wave in the gentle ocean breeze. Paint a beautiful sunset on a canvas that you can take anywhere with you. Build a sand castle, or even your own little sand house on the beach that will never be ruined by an oncoming wave. Gaze at the moon and the stars from a hidden tropical enclave.

Use your controllers to command what you see: Change the time of day, dismiss the seagulls, calm the waves, and adjust the camera height. With the thumbstick you can even navigate around the island and sample the jungle beauty without ever having to leave your seat.Features
Your own private tropical island where you can freely roam
A portable canvas that remembers what you painted in between sessions
Large or small sand castle building


Christopher Haag


Christopher Haag



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