Wicked Rails VR (PC)

--Earth has been enveloped in a cloak of darkness and the evil rule is spreading. Battles are being fought on all fronts and the weak must call to the brave warriors to save their kind. Too many of the tribes have fallen at the feet of evildoers.
The kingdom and its peoples are in serious danger from the hell on Earth. It is your mission and duty to end this terrible war between good and evil once and for all.--

Wicked Rails VR is a mini roller coaster game where you need to ride through the dark and dangerous caves.
Your goal is to pick up all Elements and Gems, break through all barriers, and avoid platforms and other mine carts, to activate the Portal to escape doom.
In order to increase your score in the mini game, you will have to pick up bombs and use them to stop the lava flow. Additionally, collecting gemstones will also rack up points which will help you pass the game and gain new achievements.

It is a short yet intense mini VR game that will entertain all friends and family!


Went2Play LLC


Went2Play LLC



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Enero 13, 2021

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