Lantern Light VR (PC)

Lantern Light
Lantern Light is a relaxing archery dungeon game. Discover enchanting worlds inside the dungeon. The dungeon is Large and you'll need to explore in order to find a way out. Master difficult puzzles. Each room gets more difficult and presents new challenges.

You are trapped in a dungeon. will you find the magic key and get out?

Comfortable Room-Scale experience and designed controls with comfort in mind.

Shoot Arrows - When both controllers are close an arrow will automatically nock. Pinch the right trigger, pull back and release.

Interact - Use your free hand (Right Hand) to interact with objects in the scene.

Menu - Hold right trigger + right grip = open menu.
- After the menu is open swipe up to reset the lanterns and Arrows.
- After the menu is open swipe down to return to main menu.


Palfrey Games


Palfrey Games



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Diciembre 1, 2020

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