Endurium (PC)

Endurium is a VR arcade style defense game designed to test your reflexes as you progress from light cardio to light-speed combat against wave after wave of beam drones and plasma blade wielding bots.•Focused on freeform combatLike a rhythm game, but without the rhythm. Instead, pace fluctuates randomly moment to moment and you are free to destroy most beams with whichever hand you'd like. The goal is not only to survive against incoming beams, but also to return fire when the opportunity strikes and take out the drones that fire those beams! Deflect blaster bolts and engage in fierce melee combat!
•Level UpEarn credits as you progress that you can spend to increase your stats. Increase the number of hits you can take, the length of your blades, the damage caused by your energy waves, or even the time-dilation that occurs when you take damage. Earn credits even on a loss, so there's never a reason to go back in difficulty - continue to push yourself and face ever intensifying challenge! Additionally, clearing levels unlocks equipment modules that enhance or alter your abilities.•Unlock New AbilitiesChoose your loadout and use your credits to enhance its effectiveness! Will you create a force-field that reduces damage when you restore your health? Or will you temporarily slow time? Gain the ability to throw your swords, or switch one out for a blaster! Equip an auto-targeting system to help destroy beam drones, or create explosions that clear the field of incoming beams when you gain a full charge!

Fully customize the appearance of each of your plasma blades. From the color and material to the components themselves.


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Morally Gray Net


Morally Gray Net


Steam Oculus

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Noviembre 20, 2020

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