Historical Games: Chariot Racing (PC)

For Romans, the race track (or, “circus”) represented the greatest source of entertainment in the empire. Of all the race tracks, the Circus Maximus in Rome was the most prominent. Roman chariot racing was known for being a brutal spectacle where drivers risked life and limb to obtain glory at all costs.

Historical Games: Chariot Racing invites you to experience the spectacle of Roman chariot racing firsthand. Learn about the Circus Maximus and the rules of the game, then mount your chariot and compete for the glory of victory.FeaturesDive deeper into the history of the Circus Maximus with an expert virtual tour presented by Rome-based professors Crispin Corrado and Albert Prieto.
Represent one of four factions, each emphasizing their own unique approach to victory.
Compete in three spectacular game modes or play your own way in Custom mode!


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Noviembre 13, 2020

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