Helios Battle Universe (PC)

GAME'S MAIN FEATURESHelios Battle Universe is a multiplayer shooting VR game.
Various weapons are available, and up to eight players and multi-player combat are available.

Weapons can be acquired while playing. If you don't die during play, you can store and replace the weapon; if you die during play, the stored weapon will disappear.

For maps, there are two modes:
For teleport mode, a minimum of 2 (1vs1) to a maximum of 6 (3vs3) can play.
From the current position, it hits a movable base and moves through an open warp.
As soon as it is moved, it will gain a foothold and score points.
You will also score points by killing enemies on the move.
Combining the scores of enemy combat and the number of base occupation, the team with the highest score wins the final victory.

Min 2 (1vs1) for sliding mode~Up to 8 players (4vs4) can play, and it is a way to find and kill enemies to lead to victory.
Smooth movement is possible through the controller, and teleport is possible using the stamina. A team that scores a lot in a set time will win the final victory.







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