ECHOES OF WAR: The Last Heartbeat (PC)

Not so long from now, in the galaxy not so far away...

The hundred years war was over, sentient machines that have threatened our very existence were finally defeated and spread across the outer rim with no means of interstellar travel. As centuries were passing by stories of war became tales, eventually even memories faded and nothing but echoes remained.

You play as a millitary officer, serving on a deep-space research vessel sent to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy, that has been shot down near an uncharted planetoid. After miraculously surviving the crash and being stranded alone on an alien planet, occupied by an Artificial Intelligence race, thought to be extinct for centuries, your only chance for survival is to repair your ship before you are overun by merciless machines. Repel countless waves of enemies using a large arsenal of weapons and by building or upgrading turrets, while trying to send a distress signal back to Earth.

Dynamic gameplay
Upgradable guns
Blast deflecting energy sword
Slow-motion for enhanced reflexes
Six unique turrets with multiple upgrades
Defend against hordes of mechs and swarms of drones







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Noviembre 10, 2020

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