Drive By is a Battle Royale taking place in a living environment. featuring traffic, crowds, and law enforcements!

Why is this a big deal? Because it changes everything!

More Than Your Regular Shooter
You Start with your personal vehicle on a wild starting block with 49 online opponents.
You have to steal the jammer that will prevent the government agency to kill you to be the only one to end up free and breathing.
Drive-By has a strong emphasis on high speed chases in the middle of the traffic featuring many different cars but also planes, boats and helicopters!
The game will require your shooter skills as well as your pilot skills for you to be victorious!
But be careful, you start with no weapon and your personal car may be quickly spotted by your opponents!

Steal Your Loot
You’ll have to Steal money and equipment from living people that will call law enforcement on you.

The game has a strong focus on risk/reward principle. The higher the loot value of a place is, the stronger the world will react.

Robbing a gas station is not the same as attacking a police precinct or a bank!Fight and Run Away From Law Enforcements
Depending on your previous actions (heists, murders, …), you’ll have to fight policemen, SWAT or militaries but you can’t keep on the fight against them forever, you will have to run away and hide from them to focus again on killing your opponents.

Hide In the Crowd
There is nothing differentiating you from an NPC. That means you can hide in the crowds and in the traffic to find and take your opponents by surprise. But be careful as any NPC could also be a player hiding!Seasons
Drive By is an evolving world, each season offers content updates and a unique game mode to let you experience a new way to play in this huge living world.Free Roaming
If you want to take a break between matches, feel free to experience our online free roaming game mode to have fun with other online players in the game’s world of freedom.

VR Compatibility
Drive-By is fully compatible with Virtual Reality devices for seated or room scale VR sessions.
Live the ultimate living world Battle Royale experience in VR!Dynamic Modding
The game supports many modding possibilities, from model reskinning, map creation, content adding to full game mode creation.

Our Dynamic Modding option will allow you to share your modded content with other players in real time on fully dynamic modding servers.


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