The Days After (PC)

Built from the ground up, The Days After is a virtual reality survival shooter where players immerse themselves in a new world where the dead have taken over. You are in a post apocalyptic world where pockets of remaining humans are surviving within protected compounds, while the undead roam freely.

Survive the horde of undead using an arsenal of weapons in a story driven campaign loaded with a variety of interactive environments to explore and scavenge.

Virtual Reality Shooter with interactive and immersive environments
Combat - Take hold of a variety of weapons such as pistols, and two handed weapons (assault rifles, shot guns, etc.) or wield a knife for up close and personal combat
Realistic pistol and assault rifle aiming/firing - Look down your sights while you take down hordes of undead
Full campaign with story driven gameplay - Embark on a journey that has purpose as you progress through a compelling story
Crafting- Scavenge for resources to craft new items
Full locomotion - Traverse through various environments using full locomotion with smooth touchpad/stick walking to freely roam, scavenge, and explore
Varied gameplay - Combat, puzzles, climbing and more!
Optimized to run fluidly on GTX 970 or equivalent


Acción indie


Five Finger Studios



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