Flavortown (PC)

Flavortown will release episodically, with each episode providing roughly one hour’s worth of story content, and much to replay and explore.
Lock and load with tailor made equipment such as a Super Action Communicator (don’t abbreviate it) smartwatch, 3-D replicating holsters, and a standard issue F.P.D. pistol
Stockpile a variety of weapons and projectiles, like an exploding fish named F’Oscar, that can be found on missions, and can be synced to your holsters for later use.
Become proficient in standard Flavortown Police Dept. practices and procedures in a hands on crash course, led by Biff and Buddy
Make connections with an array of characters that populate Flavortown, from The Mayor, who looks suspiciously familiar, to crime affiliated, rap superstar Tommy Tomato.
Play it cool as you engage in undercover operations in a suspiciously squeaky clean corporate office, or a rotten, dark and damp, underground casino
Take on overwhelming spins on classic minigames such as fishing, simon says and the exhilarating task of working as a telemarketer






Steam Oculus

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