pleXus (PC)

Step into a story driven puzzle game, that started with a single question, a question asked throughout all known history.
In the quest to answer it and crack the mystery, you will go explore unearthly locations and investigate them with intricate tools that will help you connect the dots of this narrative.

In this modern take on the beginning and end of times, you will plot the way towards the puzzling solution by collecting evidences in each and every chapter. Through the game’s many twists and turns, you will be able to solve puzzles, unravel secrets and interactively dialogue with the surroundings around you, built specifically to exploit to a maximum the capabilities of virtual reality.

If you were to find the enigmas too hard, fear not! With the help of your AI companion, specifically designed to follow and help you in every step, no path will be impossible to follow. But, be careful! Once you follow them, do you think you can dare to face THE ANSWER?


Tegeria Entertainment



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Octubre 8, 2020

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