exVRience Golf Club (Android)

A brand new 18 hole Golf Course with a completely redesigned visual experience - improved water, trees, greens, menu system, clubhouse, mechanics and new features such as rivers, enhanced practise areas and a Golf Escapes feature.

Practise, Play a round of Golf or just hit some balls on one of the ‘Golf Escapes’

Play a 9 Hole ‘Chip Challenge’ course located on the Moon.

• 18 Hole custom designed Golf Course with rivers, beaches and lakes
• 9 Hole Moon Chip Challenge course
• 6 Escapes including Beach, Space, Moon and Driving Range
• Leaderboards, Statistics, adjust green speed and club feel
• Enhanced golf mechanics with Draw, Fade and Backspin
• Controller Measurement System showing distance and club required
• Explore feature allowing the ability to fly anywhere on the course
• Helicopter Flyovers and Live Satellite views
• Practise Playground - repeated bunker, putting and fairway practise
• Save current progress feature
• Supports two players on local headset