All Hail The Cook-o-tron (PC)

All Hail the Cook-o-tron is a physics-based cooking action game for VR.

The game is set in a futuristic society where everything gets automated to the point that traditional cooking as a profession is no more. You are known as "21", a cloned specimen from the 21st century created to participate in a world class cooking competition where selected participants from other periods of human history cook their mainstream cuisines in order to please the notorious food critic known as the Cook-o-tron.


Feel like a real service industry worker as customers have very dynamic facial expressions that are designed to make you feel judged
Master 5 food prep stations and over 50 dishes
Physics-based cooking gameplay enabling assembly of dishes in any way you like
Various customer archetypes with their unique quirks
Progressive difficulty curve designed not to overwhelm yet provide a solid challenge
Your play space is height adjustable in-game, play while standing or sitting down


Slapunas and Jakayaki



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Diciembre 25, 2020

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