F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR (Android)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to land the Space Shuttle? Now you can find out. F-Sim Space Shuttle, our critically acclaimed flight simulator, is coming out in VR. It simulates the Space Shuttle approach and landing in incredible detail and accuracy.

We’ve combined realistic flight dynamics with stunning graphics and fun game play: Each landing attempt takes just a few minutes. Our landing analysis and scoring system tells you exactly how to improve your next landing.

During descent, the Orbiter is an unpowered glider. Landing it takes some practice, but the built-in autopilot demo and tutorials will get you started. After your first safe touchdown, chase that perfect landing, compare your high scores online with your friends, earn medals, and unlock achievements. Experiment with different weather conditions, night approaches, and even emergency scenarios or system failures. At the end of each flight, watch a replay from different camera angles.


SkyTale Software GmbH