Punchout: Music (PC)

Punchout: MusicGet into the rhythm, take fighting pose!
Punchout: Music is a rhythmic boxercise game.
Enjoy tons of handcrafted levels and punchout the music, in the futuristic stadium.
Punch the incoming notes with your energy-gloves - you must match the color of glove and note, and its flying direction.
With this game, you become a champion of the rhythmical boxing!FeaturesRhythmic boxercise: Get into the rhythm and punch the music beat.
Handcrafted levels: Unlike other rhythm games with generated levels, every levels in Punchout: Music are handcrafted to enhance the experience.
Easy to play: The game rule is very simple, but mastering the game is very fun.
Boxing: Boxing is great exercise, so this game is good to diet.


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Septiembre 18, 2020

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