A Rabbit and the Mystic Fog (PC)

„A Rabbit and the Mystic Fog" is a trip through natures beauty. The loveliness of your former home was tainted though and the only companion you have left is the rabbit. The Player takes part in a charming story with all the inhabitants of the valley and proceeds to restore the former beauty, solving the mystery of the fog.

DISCOVER THE GRAND LANDSCAPE – Travel through the valley and over the meadow. Listen to a splashing river and singing forest birds. Enjoy the sight of eyecatching landmarks throughout the area.

EXPERIENCE A CHARMING STORY – Meet all the different characters in the valley. Solve the problems of the rabbit and his strange brother and clear the fog once again. Help the bear receiving his fish and fulfil the rabbits desire for explosions.

RELAXING EXPERIENCE – Discover, play around or just enjoy the sight of nature. A Rabbit and the Mystic fog can be a slow-paced trip from the fast daily routine.


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