MindWorks (PC)

MindWorks is a VR kaleidoscopic audio visualizer with a large amount of customizable settings and functions. For someone wanting to just jump right in there are presets and an original soundtrack ready to be enjoyed right from the start. For the more advanced user there are plenty of customizable options including the ability to import your own music, beat map and create scene cues. Create immersive experiences that change over time and react to the frequencies of the music. Presets can be exported and shared with friends and with hundreds of settings the possibilities are unlimited.

MindWorks has non-VR support as well and can be used as a graphics design tool. Create fractal and kaleidoscopic images to share and use in your own projects, or to just watch and enjoy on your desktop.

There will be ongoing support and DLC for MindWorks so the possibilities will further into infinity . The only limit is your imagination.




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