Agence (PC)

Would you play god to intelligent life? Agence is a dynamic film that merges cinematic storytelling, artificial intelligence, and user interactivity to create a different experience each time.

In an algorithmic universe, creatures called Agents occupied a barren planet swirling in an endless cosmos. They lived in perfect harmony according to their programming—a basic set of rules that dictated every aspect of their existence.

Until one day, some of the Agents began to evolve, trained by human engineers using reinforcement learning—a system of goals and rewards that teaches them to think and act outside of their programming.

And then you arrive with the power to disrupt their world.

Agence places the fate of artificially intelligent life in your hands. You can maintain the balance of their peaceful existence. Or, you can throw them into a state of chaos. As intelligent creatures, the Agents will react to each other and their changing world in unexpected ways.

They may become scared, inquisitive, bored, or excited. They may become aggressive with one another. They may even fall into the infinite abyss below. Move from planet to planet and watch their stories unfold based on how you wield your power.

Agence is a collaboration between two-time Emmy award-winner Pietro Gagliano, his team of artists and machine-learning engineers, the artificially intelligent Agents, and of course, you. When you meet these little creatures, what will you do with the responsibility of your own agency?


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Agosto 26, 2020

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