Hoppy Animals (Android)

"It's a very interesting game. There is not a lot of these in VR." - GoBros

Hoppy Animals is a third-person action-adventure 3D platformer game.

Set in an imaginative, cartoonish candy world and nightmare world, a dog, a cat and a mouse will test their abilities against various obstacles, including scimitar-wielding, firearm-slinging undead pirates!

- Designed specifically for Gear VR and Oculus Go
- Over 40 levels of gameplay
- Family-friendly
- Visually beautiful
- Adorable orchestral soundtrack
- Multi-cast voice acting
- Almost like participating in an animated movie
- Comfortable gameplay (VR dizziness minimized, standing or swivel chair not required)
- Supports Oculus Go and Gear VR controllers
- Supports bluetooth gamepad

Immerse in a beautiful fairy tale of talking animals, pirates and candies. You will visit a candy town, ride in a giant butterfly ship, and brave a cartoonish haunted house. This game is sheer eye candy, literally, and it just makes you feel good!


Truthveyor Studio