Gerrymander Madness: The Anti-Democracy VR Game (PC)

Gerrymander Madness places gamers into a fictional North Carolina legislator's office and allows them to manipulate the districts of a state map to gain political advantage for a chosen party. Players score points as they gain control of districts and disenfranchise voters of the opposing party. Gerrymander Madness demonstrates how gerrymandering undermines democracy. It was built by CrossComm in partnership with the Greensboro History Museum for the museum’s Project Democracy 20/20 exhibition.
Gerrymander Madness is not backed by a political party, nor is it intended to support one party over another. In fact, both the Democratic and Republican parties have used gerrymandering to their advantage, both in North Carolina and in other areas of the country. Gerrymander Madness is intended to educate gamers on the practice of gerrymandering and demonstrate the ease with which electoral outcomes can be unfairly manipulated for political gain.


CrossComm Inc.


CrossComm Inc.



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Agosto 13, 2020

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