Bionic Hunter-Demo (Android)

Year 2236... vicious creatures destroyed our home planet. The few of us that survived, sworn to take revenge and make them pay. You are one of us... let none alive.. avenge humanity so we can thrive once again! -Free locomotion -Snap turning - 12 Sci-Fi Weapons to choose from the Battlefield : (Handguns,Shotguns,Rifles,Snipers,RocketsLaunchers, etc.) - Gigantic Monsters and parasites : (over 15 different enemy types with special abilities) - 4 Levels from Medium to Planet size! (maps take place on different planets) - Latest Gen Graphics and FX - Special PickUps to choose - Unlimited Survival mode play as long as you can survive! - Outstanding Sound FX and Music Tracks! - Leaderboards to track your ranking among other players worldwide - Open world Maps Take them down Hunter!


Anomos Studios


Anomos Studios