Rocking Hero (PC)

Rocking Hero is a musical game where you take the part of a virtual guitarrist immersed in beautiful and dynamic environments.

Choose from a selection of guitars and original rock/metal inspired instrumental songs and compete on the global leaderboards with your preferred control scheme.3 ways to control the guitar:
Finger tracked (only index controllers at the moment) fingers can interact individually with the keys on the virtual guitar handle, while strumming with the plectrum on the other hand. Both left and right handed
players are supported.

Hand tracked (index/vive/oculus or others) move your hand on the virtual guitar handle interacting with keys, while strumming with the plectrum on the other hand

PC Keyboard / Physical devices embrace your pc keyboard like a physical guitar, or plug-in your preferred PC/Console guitar or gamepad controller

10 original songs:
With multiple maps in 2 groups (hand or finger tracked), with different difficulty of execution, note travel speed and number of playable notes (3 to 5).3 game modes:
Free play: choose the level you want and try to compete on the global leaderboards
Training: no gameover, choose a level and relax or train yourself to become a better player
Song editor: load your own song, record and edit your notes and make your personal levels


Domuro Soft


Domuro Soft



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Agosto 6, 2020

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