The Holy City (PC)

The Holy City is an immersive virtual reality experience that transports participants to Jerusalem and provides access to the most sacred rituals and the holiest sites of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. With stunning volumetric captures of the holiest sites, you are immersed in Jerusalem, witnessing the timeless rituals of The Holy Fire, Ramadan, and Sukkot.

Share in this experience with family and friends while completing challenges, solving puzzles, and discovering shared values. In the gameplay, you are met with tasks as you travel through volumetric captures of Jerusalem, unlocking clues at The Western Wall, The Holy Sepulchre, St. James Monastery, Al-Aqsa Mosque and The Dome Of The Rock.

For the first time, the holiest sites and days in Jerusalem have been captured with Photogrammetry, Stereoscopic 360, and Volumetric Filming. An inter-faith team of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim filmmakers brings this unique perspective to share the magic and wonder of Jerusalem in one of the most complex immersive projects produced to date. The experience was created to cultivate understanding by exploring our shared values and fundamental similarities.

The Holy City was named one of Forbes Top 50 XR Experiences of 2019 and has been awarded a Lumiere Award for Best Educational XR, and Best Interactive VR Experience at the 2019 Byron Bay Film festival.

For thousands of years, believers have been coming to Jerusalem during festivals and religious holidays. This year, with travel and public gatherings limited due to the pandemic, we invite you to take a virtual trip to The Holy City.


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