Corona Kombat (PC)

Shoot the Virus and save the World!
Beat your highscore to train your brain and feel better!
From the makers of the multi-award-winning health game Reducept.

The game features two game modes:
- Strengthen Willpower: Challenge the Virus and beat your high score in this intense game mode.
- Build Resistance: Strengthen your mindfulness while you enter your body to beat the Virus in relax mode.

There is Science behind it!
Kombat is developed with experts in the field of psychology and gaming. Using a technique called ‘visualization’, shooting the Virus in your body can positively affect your stress levels.

Kombat is actively used and researched in hospitals and rehabilitation centers for people who suffer from the Virus or are rehabilitating.

About Reducept:
Reducept is a multi-award winning company that focuses on psychology and gaming. Their first game ‘Reducept’ won the award for best Med-Tech Innovation 2018 and the prestigious World Summit Award 2019 that is associated with the United Nations. Combining science and psychology with games, there’s more to our games then you might have guessed.


Reducept BV


Reducept BV



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Julio 29, 2020

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