Furious (PC)

Press on the gas and blast through the traffic in an endless racing adventure where you will experience speed like never before. There are multiple environments to explore(more on the way), 20+ cars to experience, and tons of different sprays to paint your cars.

Want to be more furious? Don't forget to unlock the DEADLY WEAPONS which will demolish everything they encounter!!

The faster you go, the more RP$ you earn, which unlocks a whole new car collection with faster cars, deadlier weapons and new spray paints.
So, Hop into the driving seat, Take a deep breath, hold the steering wheel tight, and push on the gas pedal like never before to experience FURIOUS!!

NOTE: The game is still under development. It will update as you play and you will experience new features like new cars, weapons, different modes, tracks, environments etc as time passes. Please support the game during its development.
If you encounter any bugs, let us know at RiivalPanda@gmail.com so we can swat them away.







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Julio 16, 2020

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