Groove Balls (PC)

Groove Balls is a VR rhythm game that pits the player against a barrage of incoming balls synced to the music.

1. From empty hand, charge a batton by touching a ball
2. Strike balls of the same colour as the batton to score hits
3. After a succesfull hit, the batton reverts into empty hand
4. Striking the other colour shifts the batton to omni mode
5. Omni can score a hit on any colour but is wasteful overall
6. Contact with a bar clears the field, wasting potential hits
7. Score is calculated as hits / total ball pairs, as a percentage

The groove is automatically detected in real time with fine detail, so you can and should enjoy your own mp3s.

Experience your favourite music tracks in a new amazing way while having a great workout, both mental and physical.


Yolopia Ltd


Yolopia Ltd


Steam Oculus

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Julio 26, 2020

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